Safety First

Safety first at Bounz®. In order to have maximum fun, you must jump in a safe way. The Bounz®  Arena does have safety rules that apply to everyone. These rules are very simple and do not stop you from having a good time with your friends.

The Bounz® safety video shows all the rules and they are easy to understand. Remember, entering the Bounz® Arena and location is at your own risk.

The main rules in the Bounz® Arena are:

  • Entering the Bounz® Arena is at your own risk
  • Bounz® Masters monitor the Bounz® Arena and you should always listen to them and follow their instructions
  • You can jump on bare feet or with the Bounz® grip socks
  • Wear your sports outfit and do not wear a watch or jewelry
  • Do not run but jump from trampoline to trampoline
  • If you are tired, do rest outside the area
  • Do not jump with more than one person per trampoline
  • Always keep an eye on the other jumpers in the Arena