At Bounz® it is all about fun and having a good time on the trampolines, but remember safety first. Below are a number of the rules we have in our trampoline parcs so that we make sure we have no accidents:

  • Do read the rules that are written on the various signs within the venue. They are placed at the reception desk, at the entrance of the trampoline sections and. Furthermore the are on the various video screens within the building.
  • Always follow the instructions of the Bounz® Master
  • Ask the Bounz® Master for help or advice
  • Only make the jump
  • Watch out and anticipate on the jumping moves of the other visitors
  • Give everybody in the parc space to jump
  • Try combinations of various jumps
  • Do a work out while jumping on the trampolines
  • Try to jump on the rhythm of the music that is played
  • Imitate the jumps of your friends or try to jump the same patterns at the same time
  • Most of all have a good time and make some new friends