New Locations

In 2011 Bounz® started the first trampoline parc in Europe. As an innovative company, Bounz® combines fun and sports into a new experience. After expanding in the Netherlands, Bounz® is now looking to expand into Europe and open for new partnerships. Free jumping, birthday parties, tricks, ultimate dodgeball and fitness work-outs tailored to the demand of our visitors and the local community are the building blocks of our success. The Bounz® business philosophy can be adopted to your local market needs and the Bounz® Arena can be designed to your location and facility requirements in order to ensure maximum fun.

Giving the international business experience of the management, Bounz® is comfortable that working together with local partners the growth of the Bounz® Formula will be successful. If you are an experienced entrepreneur and have the right location to start a new trampoline parc, we will be excited to discuss with you what it takes to create the next Bounz® facility in your neighbourhood. Within our Bounz®, there are a number of options to create the best opportunity for you te be successful. If you got inspired and want to jump ahead, please contact us by sending an email to