This is BOUNZ® !

Bounz® is fun, sporty and a part of the community.  At Bounz ® we take trampoline jumping to a new level and transform it to an activity whereby you have fun and do your exercise at the same time. The concept of Bounz® is unique. The Bounz® Arena is made out of 32 trampoline beds, a long tumbling track and side walls made of trampolines as well. At Bounz® you can have a free jump, have your birthday party, learn some trickz, join the dodgeball games or sign up for a fitness work out. You always find something to your liking and you always have a fun time with your friends!

Bounz® also participates in activities in the neighborhood and our mission is to inspire you to get into action and increase your energy level and excercise level.

Bounz® has a number of locations in The Netherlands and is now expanding into Europe.

Our Mission

The mission of Bounz® is to create a committed community whereby everyone gets the opportunity to play and have fun.

Bounz® is fun, sports-oriented and committed to its community

  • Fun:  It is fun to jump and be active at Bounz®, but also to work at Bounz® or be in the business network of Bounz®. Bounz® wants everybody to move with a smile.
  • Sports oriented: Bounz® offers a wide variety of sports activities  – we offer free jumping, fitness, tricks as well as ultimate dodgeball. The Bounz® Trainers and instructors help you to realize your goals for the levels on which you want to be performing.
  • Committed: Bounz® is a platform for cooperation among various local organizations. The Bounz® Arena builds bridges between those who are committed to contribute to the community and whereby the Arena can be the place to sport and have fun together, to contribute to community projects or as a way to raise funds.

Since 2011 and the first in Europe

Bounz® started in 2011 and created the first indoor trampoline parc in Europe. Bounz® was awarded to be a member of the “initiative for  innovative sports” by the NOCNSF in the Netherlands. The founders of Bounz® have their roots in the health care industry, gymnastics and international business and are committed to make Bounz® a fun place for all. Bounz has a patent pending for the design of the Bounz® Arena at the European Patent Office.

New Bounz® locations in Europe

Bounz® is looking for new partners to build new Bounz® venues in Europe. If you have experience as an entrepreneur as well as a passion for sports and a mindset open to work together with local communities, you could be our next Bounz® partner.

Obviously, finding a good location is key as well as having a building that is fitted for the Bounz® Formula.

If you are excited about Bounz® and want to help and build the Bounz® Formula, please send us your information via or visit the website of SportsZ

Commitment to community partners

The Bounz® Arena enables Bounz® to participate in projects in our local communities. Bounz® works together with various local and national organisation in order to “spread the fun of trampolines” as well as raising funds to support projects and good causes.  Over the years Bounz® has worked together with Orange Babies, Spirit , Stichting Heppie, Stichting Move and others.  Furthermore, the BounzBack program has support teenagers with traineeships and educational support over the years and is committed to “give back” to those who need it most.

Bounz® is committed to have you jump with fun and to participate in local activities.